Cheranna Energy Limited is investing on Cutting Edge Technology that produces clean biodiesel using different oil-base materials such as food wastes, sewer grease, used cooking oil & fats,

Cheranna Energy produces bioethanol from wastes (domestic & industrial) and  agricultural feedstocks such as maize, wheat, sugar cane, cassava, that contains sugar which can be processed into Bioethanol.

Cheranna Energy is investing on average sized Photovoltaic Power Stations (Solar farms) strategically located to supply electricity to our assets and the communities where we operate.

Cheranna Energy is strategically investing in onshore and offshore wind farms within Europe and Africa to help meet the Energy demand in these regions.

About Cheranna Energy

Cheranna Energy was established with a dedicated vision:

Generating sustainable Low Carbon Energy to meet future global Energy demands and preserve our environment

At Cheranna Energy, we generate sustainable Low Carbon Energy to help meet current and future global energy demand, preserve our environment and contributing to government achieving their initiatives on reducing carbon emission. Our operations and energy producing Assets are located within Europe and Africa.

Our Strategy:
Producing Sustainable Low Carbon Energy from household waste and dedicated feedstock

We are constantly exploring energy potentials in household wastes generated on daily basis from our communities through collaboration with industry and academic research centres globally

QHSE Policies and Processes


We operates to a Quality Management System (QMS) that complies with global quality requirements and ISO standards

Health & Safety

Health and Safety are major priorities for our operations and all personnel are trained to use the “STOP CARD" authorization system if any job or operation is identified as unsafe


Our commitment is to ensure our operation activities does not negatively impact the environment where we operate.

Clients and Collaborators

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Let's grow

Interested in discussing any area of our business or to join us, please get in touch and our amiable team will be glad to help with your request.