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Revolutionizing the African Energy industry through disruptive, non-conventional and innovative technology for Energy sustainability

Our mission

Making Energy accessible & affordable through non-conventional technological solutions


Our integrated technology & field service solutions are driven by adaptation, optimization and cost savings across the entire value chain, from production to end consumers.

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Achieving global net-zero target is only possible through diversified Green Energy Mix. Our Integrated Green Energy Solutions also incorporates production of different Green Energy Mix such as Biomass, Bioethanol and Biodiesel.

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Our Integrated Green Energy Solutions for Hydrogen are specifically designed with robust engineering systems of high maintainability and operability in extremely harsh environmental conditions as obtainable in certain regions like Africa.

Our Services – Your Solution and Value (end to end)

Service Models that is built on data and delivered for smooth adaption of Energy Solution, from concept to Life of Field

Our Services are built on models that are adaptable to multiple Green Energy Solutions.

From simple to very complex projects, our service model are adaptable and the iteration system is robustly built to incorporate different project scenarios.

The hardware Unit of our services covers the physical maintenance and optimization of the Energy Systems for enhanced operability and Added Asset Values

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Our Strategy

As Green Energy is constantly evolving across the Value Chain, so is our Technology and Services via R&D.

At Cheranna Energy, we invest on R&D and work collaboratively with our Ecosystem Partners (academia and industry) to develop Engineering System, solutions and services for easy adaptation to meet Government’s SDG and net zero programs.

We believe that SOLUTIONS are not found but created and that is why our team will continue to deliver on our goal : “Revolutionizing the Energy industry through disruptive and unconventional cutting-edge technologies”

Our Technology and Service Models are designed for smooth adaption of Energy Solution, from concept to Commissioning and Life of Field

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