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About Cheranna Energy

Cheranna Energy was established with a commitment &
focused vision:

"To Produce Sustainable Energy from waste or specifically generated agricultural feedstock without compromising food availability to the communities where we operate and the environment"

Our investment areas:

Bio Diesel Energy

Solar Energy

Bio Ethanol Energy

Wind Energy

We are a synergy of dedicated industry and academic specialists coming together under Joint Venture Partnership (JVP) with government and environmentalist, to leverage on the increasing global demand for energy in conjunction with government's initiatives on reducing carbon emission and produce sustainable energy that can substitute for Fossil energy. As a fast growing Energy Company, we combine our business goals with social responsibilities to support the communities where we operate and protect the environment

Our Renewable Energy Production investments and project initiatives are subjected to a critical review from industrial and academic specialists to verify future sustainability before committing investment funds. We also invest in developing agricultural productions in rural communities where we operate by growing dedicated feedstock for our energy production. This agricultural development and industrialization initiatives has helped to reduce urban migration from these rural communities to the cities for white collar jobs.


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