In Cheranna Energy, "our believes" centres on these core values:


Our business ethics is to value and respect people that we do business with; irrespective of their gender, age, ethnicity, social status, etc.


We drive a culture that incorporates transparency and truthfulness. We are committed to doing what we say consistently. We work very hard to keep the high standard on integrity and quality of our operations.


Our business structure encourages and support the growth of our personnel. We are "one big family" and believe those working for us are our biggest asset and the growth of the company depend on their growth.


As a company, we are very transparent in carrying out our business activities and strive to build this same culture of transparency around those working for us, including third party contractors.


Our strong commitment to integrity and transparency set us apart as a “trusted company”. We are fully integrated into the communities where we operate and this is established on "Trust".

Safety and Sustainability

Safety and Sustainability are both non negotiables for our business. That is why we have “STOP CARD” system which authorize all personnel to stop the job if they feel unsafe or at risk at any time while carrying out their duties.