Cheranna Energy works closely and fully integrates into communities where we operate. These communities are very valuable to us and that is why we invest in the development of the infrastructures and improving the standard of living in these communities.

Some of these infrastructural developments are:

  • Electricity Supply to remote communities
  • Good and motorable Roads
  • Supply of clean drinking water
  • Building Social Communities Centres
  • Building Hospitals and Maternity Centres
  • Community Sports Centres
  • Providing Community Schools with modern Science & Technological Laboratories and Equipment

As part of the Joint Partnership Agreement (JPA) signed with these communities where we operate, 95% of staffs and contractors employed to work in the processing plants and agricultural farms must be hired from the community. This will help improve the employment rate and living standards in these communities.

Under this JPA agreement conditions and technological transfer initiatives, technical staffs working in the Processing Plant located in these communities will have the opportunities of international training from our international technical partners in Europe.

College and Universities from countries collaborating with us under the JPA will receive Cheranna Energy sponsorship for research programs on renewable Energy potentials. These Colleges and Universities will collaborate with our research team to identify specific research topics base on global renewable energy demands and sustainability.

We have also established agricultural entrepreneurship training opportunities in these communities where participants are trained on principles for investing in agricultural farming. Information on available government incentives (local and international) are also shared with participants to encourage them to invest in agricultural farming.