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R&D for Sustainability

Having an objective for any project is highly important as we are living in a world full of data

Our R&D team are technically involved and collaborating with other Biotech research & development centres in Europe and Universities/Colleges to explore sustainability of renewable Energy through strategic investigation of potential feedstock from daily generated household wastes.

We are also sponsoring students research programmes to carry out more research and discover more potential renewable energy opportunities around the world.

Cheranna Energy's long-term goal is to use only feedstocks from daily generated household waste for our Energy production. Prior to reaching this goal, we will continue to grow specially dedicated agricultural feedstocks in rural communities where there is a massive decline in agricultural productions due to mass migration from rural to urban centres in search of white collar jobs. We collaborate with national government of countries where there is massive decline in agricultural farming to identify affected communities and work with these communities through a Joint Partnership Agreement (JPA) to grow these dedicated agricultural products (feedstocks) in these communities.

Investing in farming for these dedicated agricultural products will help encouraging students and graduates in such communities to take up careers in agricultural industry. Also, investing in agriculture and industrializing the same in these communities will help improve the economic situations and living standards in these communities.


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