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Biodiesels processed under EN 14214 2008 & EN 590 2009 standards

Cheranna Energy is investing on Cutting Edge Technology that produces clean biodiesel using different oil based materials such as used cooking oil & fats, food wastes and sewer grease. This technology uses transesterification process to synthesis the raw materials (used cooking oil & fats, food wastes, sewer grease, etc.) and obtain clean biodiesel that meets EN14214 standard.

Biodiesels obtained via this technology can be blended with mineral diesel to obtain a biodiesel blend containing up to 7% biodiesel in accordance with EN590, which could be used in different types of diesel engines without having to modify the engines.

We are strongly committed to meeting the EN 14214 2008 and EN 590 2009 standards and quality control requirements for Biodiesels processed and supplied from our plants


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